Aleem The Producer

Introducing Aleem, the upcoming producer, songwriter, model and actor. Anyone can contact him by my email ( and/or the Twitter and MySpace You can purchase beats at

How' you get into music and how long have you been doing it?
I got into music because I was always interested in making noise lol. Since I was a kid, I would wake up early in the morning in the summer and bang on the bottom of empty trash cans with sticks from a tree. I've always been interested in the beat more than the words of song. I actually start to listen to the words after I've heard the song about 4 or 5 times.

What's the first song you made?
My first beat was made almost two years ago. It was horrible! Lol.

What's your most favorite song or most meaningful?
I can't name a favorite song. There are way too many songs that I like. The most meaningful song to me is "Soundtrack of My Life" by Kid Cudi because I think that song describes me.

Describe your musical style.
My musical style is what you would hear in movies, TV shows, commercials. I've been told that I have a theatrical or cinematic sound. I don't mind it though, I love it.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is the feeling of never being satisfied. I work hard at what I do and I don't get comfortable. The minute you begin to get comfortable with yourself is when your music start to change.

What are some things you learned as you got involved with music or on your own?
I learned that the music industry is 90% business and 10% passion. I feel if you do something for the love of it, then the money will come later, no matter what. One valuable lesson that I learned is never put your trust in what everybody tell you. Some things you have to do and figure out on your own.

Can you tell us of a great musical experience, or worst?
My greatest experience was when I had my city's top artists rap on one my beats. That was a big accomplishment for me. I really haven't a bad experience yet, but I know they are coming. I'm preparing for them.

Do you have a main influence? 
My main influence is the world...nothing more, nothing less.

Who's your Favorite artist? Do you have a favorite quote from them as well?
My favorite artist is Faboulous. One of my favorite quotes that he said was: "We in the club with the black and white skunk bitches...I'm matching head to toe; down to my dunk stitches". He is super ILL!

What is your current project? 
I have a couple projects that I'm working on right now. Mostly alot of my city's top artist right now. My past projects was with my city's top artist...nothing major yet. I don't know what's next, but I know I'm going to keep working hard and see where that leads me.

What are your goals for the year?
My goals for the year are to get a bigger following and to just keep getting better. I also want to learn how to play the violin and piano.

People you look forward to work with or for?
I look forward to working anybody who works hard and who's putting out good music (rappers, singers, songwriters, producers, musicians etc.)...not the same ol' "shoot 'em up, bang bang" type of music either. That era is over with and it's wack.

Do you have a promotional team, or do you do self promotion?
Yes, I do self promotion. I believe in selling yourself with "selling yourself". (if you get what I mean) I probably will continue to do so, I'm going to let my music speak for me.

Why do you do music? 
I do music because I love it and I always told if you do something you love then you'll never have to go to work a day in your life. (if you get what I mean) It means the world to me, without it, I don't know what I'd do.

Were there any obstacles you're going through or over come?
Obstacles are going to come with anything you do in life. I'm going to deal with mine by working hard and working past it. God puts us through tests, but never nothing that we can't handle.