Reckless Rebels

A while ago Idid an interview with Teenage Trendsettaz, well Teenage Trendsettaz has moved on and become Reckless Rebels. Check out the interview I did with the CEO and Brand Director Wayne Fryer; and when you're done, head over to

So it's Good bye Teenage Trendsettaz? Why?
I wouldn't say goodbye, I would say hello to the start of a brand originated from Teenage Trendsettaz. Going through a lot of trial and error I felt the need to create something more marketable, its all about the longevity.

Why Reckless Rebels?
I named my brand Reckless Rebels because I don't bite my tongue for anything or anybody. Another reason is because I do what I want with no thought of what the next person may think, but in a positive way.

What does Reckless Rebels stand for?
Naturally creative and artistic individuals who have that hustle mentality doing what they want, when they want with no concern of how the world may view them.

What will Reckless Rebels have that Trend Settaz didnt?
Longevity and more larger market. When I had Teenage Trendsettaz, people liked the clothes but the name would get to them. People felt it was for the younger crowd or to youthful.

Who's behind Reckless Rebels?
Nineteen year old Wayne Fryer is the CEO and Brand Director. There's also others that show a great deal of love and help out in major ways, those people you will meet in the near future.

What are your upcoming projects?
Collabs, Events, Shows, and other things under wraps that i cannot speak on as of now.

Whats your goals this year in regards to the new line?
My goals for this year with this new brand is to get into a few boutiques, and just keep promoting the brand to show people that you can do what you want, you don't have to limit yourself to what the public says.

What does Reckless Rebels consist of?
Everything from T-shirts, to custom Cut and Sewn Products.

Who is your selling audience then?
My selling audience is anyone who feels the way I feel about fashion, people who know that fashion is an aesthetic that must be preserved and handled with care.

Besides a good fashion piece, what do you want consumers to walk away with after they walk away with a Reckless Rebels piece?
I want consumers to walk away with that feeling as if i created the piece just for them, i want them to feel more like an individual and not a "consumer".