Men In Power

I love these men. Before you say "oh gosh not another a groupie," I don't love them because they're rappers, to me it's what they've accomplished and you they are. These are my reasons why.

Fabolous. He's my baby father always and forever (lol). He's from my borough (Brooklyn). But why I love him is this, his swagg is ridiculous and this is what swagg means to me because there are asses out there screwing up they face to that statement, swagg to me is how you carry yourself, how you address yourself and handle yourself, it is the image and vibe you portray for others to view and interpret. Ok? He walks around with such confidence as if making the statement that no one is better than him, but yet he remains humble and you never really hear anything negative about him or what he is doing. He is a great lyricist, his punch lines are so clever so slick, verses by most artist could are mini stories, but he has the talent of shoving a story in a bar (a bar is a unit of measure (time keepin). which is every 4th beat). Every time i listen to his songs I find myself randomly laughing at his wittyness. That's his talent and he has perfected it. He created his own clothing line that is so official, and even though its mainly a mens line, girls even buy.

T.I. He's from Atlanta, and more than crunk stripper pussy popping music artist. Out of the south I respect T.I., Lil Wayne, and Ludacris the most for being from the south and not only speaking about frivolous things. When he stepped on the scene and said "I'm the King of the South" many had claimed it, or even laughed at him for saying it, but he IS the king of the south. He has paved his way and stood out more than most would've thought. And once he did show the world that what he said is word, he just got better. His swagg is so crazy as well, he can wear everything and it fits him so perfectly, I love his 3 piece suit game, I think he is the only other artist who gives Diddy a run for his money when it comes to that department. He is well a spoken person, excellent vocabulary and is a church man, because despite what he gets faced with he holds the faith, as he said "wonder how I face years and I'm still chillin, easy, let go and let God deal with it."

Jay-Z Also another Brooklynite, I've been listening and following him since I was young listening to the "Reasonable Doubt" album. He came out on some "I'm from the streets, and it wasnt pretty, but I did what I had to do, this is what I did, and this is how I made it." He has built an entire "dynasty," and I love that he uses that word, because empires crumble and fall, but dynasty [like my money] last [3] lifetimes (hova's words). There has been so many people to this day that states Jay-Z is wack, even artist like Jazzo try to throw him under a bus, but even if you think he's a wack artist, old man, washed up, a lame and liar from the start, he has built his on ladder to the top. He is part of Def Jam, one of the most prestigious labels, he created RockaFella records, signs music artists, has a clothing line, owns part of a basketball team, and has built up a world wide buzz. He has more than earned everything he has today, and I think people should hop off his shaft, hate him I don't care, but you damn sure have to respect him and his grind.

I didn't mention anything about their looks because that's the last thing that matters, Bill Gates isn't attractive but he is a self made man, and that's exactly what I see in these men, self made. When I listen to any of their music, or read about them I feel motivated to do something. I love a man who is so on point that he makes me want to be on my grind. Their swagg portrays this "I can take care of myself, my business and you." They handle their business and career in a top notch no flaws manner, they have a game plan for everything they do, whether its Jay-Z "retiring" at his prime so he can't be labeled as falling off, T.I. who turned profit by basing a album on his mistakes so others can be inspired and grow wisdom, or Fabolous freestyling constantly building up hype to what his next album will produce. So with all this being said, I'm happy to be a groupie.

Motivating Lines

"when you in the lead you dont care who's trailing" - Fabolous "BET Awards Cypher"

"had a vision in my head, all i had to do was get it out" - T.I. "Slide Show"

"this is nothing to me, difficult takes a day impossible takes a week" - Jay-Z "Sierra Leione Remix"