Man Behind The Gucci [Klassik of BFG]

The man behind the Gucci, the man behind the masterpieces Klassik of BFG just doesn't stop! February 22, 2009 he dropped his "Free Crib" Mixtape, and now, not even a whole month, he's working on his next Mixtape "Free Crib: Mansion Edition," and on his first day of announcing available slots on his mixtape, his inbox was flooded with artist who wanted in on it. He's more than just a rapper with incredible swagg, he's a genius when it comes to his career, always plotting and mapping out his next step. He has his on ent [ TSC ENT], his own crew [BFG] and his lyrical style and choice of beats are NOT like anything you're use to. He recently released his freestlye to Jamie Foxxs' "Blame it On The Alcohol", Take a listen and when your down i suggest you follow the links below and download Free Crib.


Download :

"Blame it On My Dick"-

Free Crib-