Day of The Profanity Mag Mixer

My friend Joseph of profanity magazine invited me to a Mixer. So I decided, foolishly, to wait last minute to get my business cards printed out -_____-. I was unsuccesful but as me and my boobie were in the city we stopped into Rosa Mexicano Resturant, we randomly picked the spot as we passed it by. As soon as we entered the atmosphere was sooooooo fantastic!

This (up and below) is my chicken tacos order

This is Chicken Pie something. Both dishes were delicious. 

Even though we were full 5 bites in we finished it. 

Result of a good meal :)

Went into Strands Book store to read some graphic book as a way to kill time. 
As you can see I'm sitting on the floor -_____- my but got sore and we decided to go sit down...

I think this was an ill concept.

MAGNETO! Oh I forgot to mention that the only place to actually sit in Strands is the
children's section...

I found Waldo on each page in less than a second. 
It's easy to spot out someone who owes you money.

Still gotta kill time so we went into Forbidden Planet.


Yam Solo and Princess tater -_____-

Off to the Mixer.

The mixer was held at Belly's I believe the name was, and it was draped in some
creative art pieces. These 3 photos are my favorite.


This was painted on glass, I'm considering going back and buying it. 
Seriously *bbm straight face*

As we were walking back to the 6 train we came across this, looks familiar huh?
Its crazy because shortly after we saw the lego looking hearts we saw this. 
I should hit them up and send them these photos.