Limpo Rocha

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil–Afro-Brazilian street artist Limpo Rocha began his takeover of the street art game here. Expanding is an understatement for what he is doing now. Limpo himself is an ageless wonder, and his work reflects that. Known for his whimsical and youthful portraits he has traveled the world to promote his style of Brazilian street art. His work has been exhibited in Sweden, Brazil, France and the U.S. He is also a seasoned veteran and multiple winner of Studio Seved Secret Wars. In 2007 I had the chance of spending some time while in Salvador with Limpo and his crew. The city loves his work, I saw commissioned pieces by Limpo everywhere: covering favela walls, bordering beaches and adding to the beauty of old town streets. Limpo deserves all the attention he is getting. Who are we to deny him more? Take a look for yourselves.