Solar Roadways By Scott Brusow

I am usually pretty skeptical of our future and the technologies to come, but this definitely has my mouth gaping in awe.

"Solar Roads are the future power houses of the world. We all know that there are many million miles of roads built in the world, what if all those roads were able to harness sun’s energy? Well, considering the massive network of roads and highways, a huge amount of power would be generated even if solar panels with just 15% efficiency are used. These roads could also have embedded LED lights in them which can provide navigation to the travelers and tell them about any road blockages due to accidents etc. These roads would also be able to re-route the entire traffic.

US Department of Energy recognized the huge potential in this concept and gave a $100,000 contract to a company named “
Solar Roadways”. The firm will build a prototype 12 x 12 feet solar panel which could be fixed into roads."

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