Def Poetry by Mayda Del Valle & Thea Monyee'

This video made me tear up a bit, my friend Ariel put me on to this video, its deep.

"To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Mayda Del Valle

"cheating ourselves out of what we truly deserve, willing to settle for less, willing to act like a little less than a goddess, willing to sleep with the enemy, men to scared to stop acting like boys, thinking we can love away their scars so we can take the lashes of the insecures that they pour on us"

Then my friend Cree hit me with this video and it made me smile, this had me clapping. If I ever had to deal with this situation, I'll play this video, it made me secure, THANKS CREE!

Thea Monyee' "Woman to Woman"

"and just like a child you call me to share, calling me to disclose the color of my mans underwear, you tell me like i don't already know, hell, i bought em. trynna tell me how my man fucks, bitch i taught him"