Featured: Sinsai

Sensei: a Japanese title used to refer to or address teachers, professors, professionals such as lawyers and doctors, politicians, clergymen, and other figures of authority. [1]The word is also used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art.

The Kid Sinsai

Born in Maryland in 1987 to Zimbabwean parents Sinsai has been blessed with the opportunity to live all over this world. When asked where is home he replies “I identify with 5 different cultures and call 5 different places home” From Maryland he moved to Zimbabwe, from there he moved to China, from China he was flung in the middle of the civil war in Angola, from Angola he moved to Switzerland, and then from there he ended up in the birthplace of Hip Hop. New York.

At such a tender age “The Kid Sinsai” has embodied his pen name in more than one aspect. Musically he is definitely a force to be reckoned with; equipped with a sharp and witty tongue, he delivers lyrics that can take you to the beaches of Aruba and then bounce you to rusted shack in Luanda where there is no running water or electricity. He paints portraits that everybody can relate to, but then also he has songs that are specific for people living certain lifestyles. Two words to sum up his style and music “diversely unique. He attacks all spectrums of Hip Hop music with such passion it makes every track a worth while listen.

The music started as poems; poems of self expression because he had no other outlet for his emotions and frustrations. He didn’t share them with anybody for a while until one day, he jumped into a cipher and recited one of his poems and at that moment he realized that rap might just be his calling. He has been rhyming ever since. He released his first Mixtape “Money to Be Made” in 2007 which was well received moving over 3,000 mixtapes through hand to hand distribution. It was a monumental point in his life because he finally allowed people into his mind and shared his thoughts that weren’t apparent to a lot of people. It touched on a lot of personal issues as well as a window into his lifestyle: Street yet down to party, and not afraid to care.

Refusing to be categorized and boxed in as merely just a rapper, he continued to expand his horizons. In 2008 he signed on and became a personality/host on the very influential Get It Poppin Radio with J Didda. J Didda allowed him to have a lot of creative control and through that experience learnt a lot about the industry and the radio. Around the same time he began to work with the 50 Mics Showcase as the Fashion coordinator, putting together a monthly fashion show, showcasing clothing Labels such as Luxirie, LRG, Baby Phat, and Triple 5 Soul.

After taking a class in video production at Manhattanville College and stemming from his interest in photography, he developed an interest in Videography, he has proceeded to sharpen his sword and do video work for mainstream artists like Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, and Joe Buddens. While doing that he joined DJ Bedtyme 357 on Hate Money radio and became the Media Director, shooting and producing the videos from the shows, and became a personality on the show as well. Constantly expanding his catalogue he has shot music videos for artists such as Tone Trump, Sinsay, Grafh, Street Spittas, Lexx 9 Eleven, Klassik, Ron Murrdah, Madd Man, Sic Osyrus, 2ew Gunn Ciz and Fred the God Son.

In 2009 he teamed up with DJ Bedtyme 357 and released his 2nd Mixtape “Unleashed: This Is What I Do”. This is regarded by many as his 1st Mixtape because of the amount of attention it has drawn as well as the fact that he has established a name for himself in the underground circuit- hence the title “Unleashed” many now look at him as a protégé, and with the circle that has surrounded him you can not even pinpoint who’s protégé, but at the age of 21 a lot of people are backing his movement and are ready to see him do bigger and better things. “Unleashed: This Is What I Do” showcases his talent and gift to the world and has received cosigns from a lot of established artists.

Even though he has found himself immersed in the New York underground scene his name continues to ring bells “above ground.” He is currently interning at Universal/Motown and is scheduled to graduate from Manhattanville College fall 2010 with a BA in Communications Studies and a minor in French. The Kid Sinsai strives to become a household name, through any of his various skills and talents. How does he do it? Determination, Dedication and Discipline. Lets Play!