Making Stained Glass With Dea

I do a lot of artful things such as graphics, graffiti (even tho I'm not as good as i use to be), photography, screen printing, sew, and even STAINED GLASS. I'm going to take you step by step through the process, its really easy. Click images to see them larger.

STEP 1. Pick a image you'd like to have for your stained glass.
You can Google "stained glass images" or "stained glass patterns", go to a library
to see if they have any, or your best bet is Barnes & Noble. I picked a image of a
mermaid and merman watching a seal swim by.

STEP 2. Copy the image onto transparency paper.
Unfortunately i used my schools ink jet printer when it was super hot so
the transparency paper melted inside and I had to copy the image by hand
onto the paper with a sharpie marker =/ lol. But it worked so no complaints

STEP 3. Place the transparency paper onto a projector
You have to also have a big piece of sheet paper that the image will be projected
onto. Adjust your projector to how big you want the image to be and trace the image
that is now being projected on the sheet paper (which is on the wall). In this case I
used a really big sheet for my stained glass.

STEP 4. Number sections of the image
After you have traced out your image on the paper, it makes it easy if you
number the specific or large pieces of the image, just so you can keep track of what goes
where and which way its suppose to be flipped, because unless you have
a whoooooooooooole lot of time, this is not a one day process.

STEP 5. Start cutting your glass!
Using the proper glass cutter tool pick the color of the glass you'd like to use for
each part. Have a couple more sheets of transparency paper to trace
the new image size pieces on, (also number). Cut out the pieces of transparency paper
that you just traced and trace it onto the glass color you desire (don't forget to
number your glass pieces too). As i said this is NOT a one day project lol.
DO NOT start pasting the glass pieces on until you have finished cutting
all the glass pieces you need

When cutting glass this is what you need to do.
-Whatever side of the glass you drew on is the side you cut on.
-Hold the cutter firm and trace (cut) one line at a time, all the way to the
the end of the piece of glass.
-Do not trace the whole image with the cutter at one time.
-After you cut the first line flip it over and using the opposite end of
the cutter (the round metal ball) bang the outline of what you cut until the
excess piece comes off.
-Repeat for all your specific glass pieces.

This glass cutter comes in handy when you have a excess piece of your
specific glass pieces that need to come off but you cant get off by banging it
with the metal ball. A pair of pliers works just as well

STEP 6. Start pasting on your glass pieces
Using special stained glass mosaic adhesive (glue) to paste the glass on to your
base glass [a clear glass]. In my case I have an actual window glass for my piece.
Make sure to wash off all the marker traces you have on any of the glass,
they will end up showing on the glass.
DO NOT use regular glue, it will not support the glass.

I think I'm going to
add something extra to it though, something not in the image.


Damnit! The bad part of stained glass. If you don't use the proper tools,
try rushing, or keep a messy work space you are bond to injure yourself.
Uh... this wound was actually pretty deep, broke skin and punctured pretty deep.

...really deep =/
BUT! Back to my work.

STEP 7. Fill in the open spaces
There is no tracing or cutting necessary for this, all you need is loose pieces of
or broken pieces of glass to fill in the spaces, and you can just put the glue on
and paste.
Unfortunately I had no clear glass for my piece, so I had to take
a clear glass and cut them into different sized squares.
And the "K&D" in the corner is what I cut my finger on. I cut the glass and held
one piece in my hand and with a pair of pliers pushed weight on to the glass
to break. You should NEVER hold glass and try and pry it, always do it
on a firm surface, or wear construction gloves.

STEP 8. Let the glue dry
So all the pieces are glued on but you have to let it completely dry before the
next step. It's best to let it dry over night.
Peep the blue swirl i decided to add. I just got lazy and tired of cutting clear squares, lol.

STEP 9. Mixing Cement
Get a large bowl or container you'd like to use to mix your stain glass cement (grote).

STEP 10. Spreading the Cement
With a pair of construction gloves on (to prevent yourself from cutting your hand
on glass) grab some cement and spread out over the glass. Make sure to put
a nice amount on to get all cracks and spaces.

STEP 11. Wipe off Excess Cement
The least amount of cement you leave on the easier it is to take off

STEP 12. Let the cement dry
Just like when you was pasting, allow the stained glass some time to dry off.

STEP 13. Scrub off the cement
Using a Brillo pad, steel wool sponge, or steel wool in general, wipe of the dry cement.

You can use water in a spray bottle to help loosen up some of the cement
if its too hard to scrub off.

To scrap off glue of tough cement you can use a scraper or blade.

Get some Windex and clean off your piece, and then....

VAW-LA! Your stained glass is complete

Now as I said earlier, my base glass was an actual window glass, so to make it
look nice i decided to spray paint the edges. I made sure to tape the glass
so the it wont get marked by the spray paint.

And I'm done =]