Dea Pierre interview with Great Scott

I did this interview ages ago, luckily he didn't cut off my head for taking so long lol. But I got to do an interview with Great Scott and I'm so thankful for it, he's such an insightful and inspirational person. This is the longest interview I've done by far, but it's such a good one, I got like 1500 new quotes thanks to this guy, almost everything he states has to end with a quote or just something re memorable. I don't know why but this  Q&A has been stuck in my head for a minute:

Dea: What's your favorite color?
Scott: I like five favorite colors, black, white, red, purple, and Louis Vuitton brown.

I did this interview to bring light to people who don't know him, but in the process I learned A LOT as an individual breaking into the fashion world/industry. I know anyone out there into fashion as well will find his words helpful. He's a character. Enjoy my interview with Great Scott and make sure you check out!

Sidebar: don't judge me on the camera angle, this was my first outside interview, plus this guy is super tall lol.