April 30. A Day Back in Bklyn

I've been living in the Bronx for about two years now, and I sorta been MIA from Brooklyn. So this past Friday I decided to kick it with my friends Nijsha, Lyz, and Ant.

First thing I did when I got there was go through the fridge and found Ellos Pepperoni Pizza. 
Anyone who knows me knows I will find food in your house that you didnt even know you had lol. 

Thats my homie Lyz, and my baby mom Ant.

Thats Jade, her huge breast and my love Nijsha =D

This lizard is so cool...when it's in its glass. When it's outside its glass im scared of it lol.

Bestie love =]

Lyz Randomly took this picture, I like it. I don't remember what I was looking at on her phone though.

If you havent gotten with it, here's your chance. 34D is the movement.

Lyz took this picture randomly too.

Chester's eye view of my baby moms and boobie.

*deep sigh* This is what happens when I fall asleep and leave Chester out.

Sadly I had to dip off to go to work.

1:39 was my clock out time. Sidebar: that's one of my get off early days.

My boo Xavier in the employee room, getting ready to leave work.

2AM in the morning and these dudes still out on 14th playing