Remy of Adeen Magazine

I meet Remy back in February at the Hudson Hotel, where Socially Awkward Magazine was doing shoots all day for their online site; he and Great Scott were talking about the BET Rip The Runway which they were styling for, I couldn't help but be nosey and ask for his business card to later do an interview.

On his business card it had a website, and I absolutely love it. The site was founded about a year ago, and is ran by him and his brother Jovany who is part of Young Crafters. "Adeen is going to be themed off cartoons at first because that's where most our inspirations come from, but as we grow and become successful we are going to go into more high fashion," states Remy who is also one of the co-founders of Red Ribbon Army. They both do their own thing, but it helps when it boils down to spreading their word.

I urge you to check out their site, they currently have some samples of pins that they designed *takes out credit card* I'm waiting to be able to buy one. They're highly interesting, their blog is a great read, and their interviews are always entertaining. In my honest opinion, Adeen Magazine makes my top three favorite blogs to read daily along with and

We meet up in Soho to do the interview in a little coffee restaurant but two guys were bickering, so we decided to do it outside. Check out the interview with Rembrandt Duran of Adeen Magazine. Enjoy!