3 In The Morning

Just getting home, had a long day, and as I walked home I had some random thoughts.

-The usb to my external hardrive is broken, I was suppose to release the first two interviews of a series of interviews I have, but I'm stuck because everything is on my external hardrive. The first two interviews are @Castro718 and @Remdelarem. I'm going to buy a new cord this weekend, but this is a weird looking usb "/

-I completed the last shirt for the first season of 34D and I ordered the shirts for printing as well. This first season will have 9 shirts, all the other seasons will have 6. My lookbook shoot for the shirts will be in about two weeks and the shirts will be released about a week later.

-I miss my Dad! I'm contemplating on getting a tattoo for him, I already have one for my brother and mom. He's the one person on this earth who constantly gives and gives to me, even when he doesn't has it. He's always sacrificed for me, and it took me a lot of growing up to realize I've been hurting him for so many years, by being heartless at times, insensitive, spoiled, selfish and inconsiderate. Well while I still have him on this earth I'm going to spend more time with him, call him more often, and now that I have a steady job I'm going to look out for him. I love that man and I know I will never meet another human being that loves me as much as he does, and until the day I have a child, the feeling is mutal.

-Rainy days never depress me. Every rainy day memory I have is associated with happiness and fun times, even romantic times. Kamliah, Kelicia, and I use to play in the rain, or Judy, Shakeema and I would race from the playground home, I even remember being about seven or eight sitting in the window at 5AM in the morning watching lighting with my older brother Desmond. The only sad rainy day was the night my mother passed, it was storming outside, but the next day was so beautiful you couldn't even tell there was a storm, the sky was a new blue and the trees were a new green.

-I think I've become cold hearted... anyone got a match? lol. I'm so occupied in work, designing, and school that I in a way detached myself from caring about certain things....I think when I get my puppy my mood will lift

-My first car HAS to be a 1970/60 mustang, I love old cars, and everytime I pass this old mustang on my way home I get inspired to grind harder.

I think thats it for the random thoughts. Goodnight....morning