My Day Off

I rarely get days of of work, designing, and school, but this Thursday I took the time to stroll around my favorite part of the city, Soho! and Park Avenue!

I meet up with my boobie and hit the pup store to show him the dog I intended to buy. Unfortunately, the original dog I wanted, that I went in to pick out just the day before was sold, but it's ok because I found this little fellow and I love him more, the first thing he did was lick my boobs lmao.

Rocking my boobie's white Jesus piece, we have a habit of randomly matching without planning it, so we both had on all black, bapes, and Jesus pieces.

Chester's eyeview of Chipotle!

I poured sprite in the sauce cup and sqeeuzed the lemon juice in it....dont judge me

Self explanatory

We decided to sneak up on my love Nijsha at work before strolling down Park Ave.

ASTON MARTIN! Yo there were maaaaaaaaaaaaad expensive cars parked on every block

Bacon egg and chesse *drool*. It was ode good

Chester taking a look around

Boobie copped me my favorite cookie! Perfect way to end the night =D