at 2:36 AM

I dont sleep like normal people, I'm constantly on the go so when I finally get home it's like 2AM and as exhausted as I maybe be I just dont know how to go to sleep. So for once I decided to click click flash a few things with Chester (my camera).

Chester's eye view as he sits and waits for today's interview to upload

ODE HUNGRY! So I whipped up some turkey burgers!

My brother put the juice in the freezer so me and Domo would make kool aid and not touch his stuff....F that, runned it under hot water and got to sipping

Random pic of me, peep the old rusting earrings, they're my mommy's

Standing waiting for the burgers to cook. Its laundry weekend so yeah the socks aren't matching. And even though I didnt take a pic, the burger eventually finished, were DELICIOUS! Those who personally know me and know how I eat know that poor burger pleaded for his life as I scarfed it down like a savage. muah ha ha ha ha ha MOJO JO JO! (I'm a dweeb at heart)

Hopped back on to my laptop, her name is Veronica, I name everything, even my boobs. Going through videos online and guess what I found...

LADY GAGA FT BEYONCE "TELEPHONE" VIDEO! Peep how sexy my role model is =] I posted this video before I even pressed play.

I also decided to post Beyonce's "Video Phone" right underneath  it, I so love the scene where she pushes her boobs up and around, super hot.

This scene was sexy hot too. The whole video is an orgasm each and every clip.

Ok so I finished eating the burger and decided to work back on one of the 34D (my up coming graphic line if you didn't know) designs. First sneak peek I've showed since I started this February.

I wrapped the design up and now it's time for Adultswim until I'm ready to clock out.