Dea Pierre: Heads Up You Guys!

Black Berry needs a Blogger APP! Lol, hey everyone thanks for checking out "No Reservations". I truly appreciate the love and support and even those who hit me on my twitter to comment and compliment on my site. I will be making more personal posts in the near future, but being a full time student, part time worker, and full time go getter doesnt always give me time to always be on the internet.

I plan on some major changes and I have many projects on the way! I'm taking to a whole other level. I'm working on a layout that'll be more interactive, including a section where you can ask me questions and speak to me quicker and freely. I have some interesting live interviews on the way for you, I am working on collaborations with some really talented and motivated individuals.

Oh! Here's the best part, I am working on a Graphic Tee Line entitled "34D" (yes it is exactly what you think it is). So make sure you stay posted to the site for leaks and previews for the upcoming Spring line. I promise you I wont leave you hanging.

Thanks so much for being a No Reservations reader, much love to you!