Luxury Tax By G.Marchetta

Luxury tax was started early 2008, which was originally called Barbie Blvd By Glitter Marchetta. The feedback turned out great once the line was up & running. When she decided to get more serious about the line (in September 2008), she did some research and found that there would be some financial issues with using the Barbie Trademark. A few weeks later, she came up with the name Luxury Tax. "A beautiful, classy, outspoken, intelligent woman is not a necessity, but a luxury for any man to have, and with any luxury comes heavy tax, so pay up bitch." - G. Marchetta

I recently had an interview with the lovely young entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Given name Samantha Moolchan, nicknamed Glitter Marchetta who grew up in in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

How did you get your name?
I got Marchetta from one of my fav. Movies Called "Material Girls". There were these two glamourous sisters that owned a makeup company, and their last name was Marchetta; You would never hear anyone call them by their first name, always their full name. And I came up with Glitter because It was pretty simple: Girly, Pretty, and I thought the definition (A sparkling or glistening light; Brilliant or showy, often superficial attractiveness.) related alot to myself :-)

Name some of your talents
Other than designing, I can cook almost anything, my grandmother used to own a Trinidadian-Japanese restaurant for 14 years until she passed away. Until that time came, I was her personal slave. I also can shoot ball! LOL my older cousin used to babysit me from when I was 7 years old up until I was 12, during that time he dragged me with him whenever he went to the basketball court. Instead of sitting around being bored, I decided to get up and sweat a little.

Describe yourself and your fashion lines style? What do you specialize in?
I’m an extremely feminine girl at times. I’m detailed, abstruse, Alluring, Boundless, and exquisite. I like to dance on top of tables from time to time. My line’s style is quite versatile. It’s couture for every breed of female out there, from the booshie chick who wouldn’t dare stick her feet into a pair of nameless heels, to the hood in-your-face chick who would rather get hit by a bus than miss out on buying the latest pair of air max 97’s. I specialize in mainly dresses, but also skirts, tops, jackets and I’m in the works of a screen tee line.

When did you first get into fashion? Describe how much it means to you.
I was probably about 10 when my mother started allowing me to dress myself. I used to watch the Disney channel ALOT at the time, when shows like Lizzie McGuire, That's so Raven & a few more girly shows were really popular. I loved loved LOVED the outfits. Whenever my mom would go shopping, I begged her to take me to stores like The Disney store, Sanario, Limited Too & This store called Diva, because they all had the flashiest and unique clothes that I could find for my age. From there, as I grew older my mother started giving me money to get my own clothes, and that's when my Verizon really expanded. Fashion is more than just a great heel or the latest bag. It is in the air, the sky, how we live, how we walk, how we express ourselves overall as an individual. It separates him from her, and me from you. Fashion can describe and show who YOU really are as a person just by the way you coordinate and present yourself through your attire. Fashion is a way of life.

What inspired you to do clothing?
Seeing all the different styles of clothes, punk rock, hip hop, girly, tom boy, relaxed, all these different styles intrigued my excitement and were cool and all, but they didn’t satisy the figments I had in my imagination. So I decided to stop waiting around, and take it a step further.

How did you learn to design and make your own line?
I already had the sketching part in the bag but the time I was 12. When I decided to take it upon myself to go further, my step dad's god mother gave me lessons. I decided to start my own line when I was a Junior in High School.

What was your childhood aspiration?
It may seem weird but I never had any.

What was the first piece you designed?
The first I designed was when I was 13, it was this crappy bag lol, The piece that I first designed for someone else was 2 years ago for someone’s prom.

Were there any person(s) that helped you with your line!
For my line, no. Every single thing was done by myself. But for my fashion show, I have plenty of help which I’m so grateful for. A friend of mines (Carla) is helping me with the sewing, my cousin is doing the makeup, My friends are doing the modeling etc.

Did they reach out to you or you reached out to them?
Some volunteered, while others I reached out to, but they were all more than willing to help me with anything I needed.

What school are you enrolled in?
I currently attend New York Technical College, but I'm transferring to Fashion Institute of Technology in the Spring 2010 semester.

Do you take classes to better your skills?
I‘m still taking classes with my step dads god mother.

What is your next project? How often do you design something new?
My next project is working on my 1st Show, which will be next May. Other than that, I will be designing my 1st wedding dress next August :-) I design something new about every 2-3 weeks.

Where and how do you get your inspirations for your designs?
Sometimes I ask myself this same question. I honestly don’t know. I have such a big and weird imagination, that when I get a pencil and a pad, I put all of those details into a design. And I go from there.

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