Jay-Z "On To The Next One" Analyzed

The first video is the original, and the the second is what a viewer analyzed. I really don't believe in this Free Mansonary crap they're throwing on Jay-Z, and a lot of spectators are saying this video is confirming that Jay-Z is one, but my opinion honestly is that this video is Jay-Z being a smart ass, the fact that he did this video right after the "proof" video of how and why he's a king mason is comical. Especially the fact that this video has NOTHING to do with the song, I believe it was made to irritate all the fools who believe this Devil nonsense. We all know Jay-Z rarely comments on rumors and beef, he just makes smart remarks, this video = smart remark. I'm not here to tell you what to believe, but if this what you wanna occupy and stress your mind with cool, just know theres children starving and dying in parts of the world, people are losing homes, and American soldiers are still in the Middle East.