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Wayne Fryer, is the creator of Teenage Trend Settaz Clothing. He's from Jamaica Queens, but grew up in different parts of New York, mostly around Brooklyn and now resides in Georgia. Aside from fashion design he also is talented when it comes to computers, HTML/CSS, architecture, and, art. In high school he took a few design classes, computer classes, and also art classes. He will be attending Middle Georgia College in January and plans to take more similar classes in college. He's a young entrepreneur that's all about progression. He states that there isn't a set theme for the brand, "its for anyone who is naturally creative, artistic, and eccentric." As of now, he specializes in T-shirts and Sweatshirts, but in the near future he will have cut and sewn products consisting of cardigans, oxfords, polos, varsity jackets, etc, more mature pieces also. Check out my interview with him and his Teenage Trend Settaz Clothing Blog well as teenagetrendsettazclothing.com

What was your childhood aspiration?
As a child, I was interested in things kids are usually interested in, like comics, toys, etc. But as I grew I matured and wanted to do things like lemonade stands and custom creations. I was always into art, but I became fascinated with architecture, there was even one point where I wanted to become an astronaut(until my cousin told me I'd go to space and never come back, lol).

When did you first get into fashion?
I've always loved clothes and Fashion in general, but I'm not gonna sit hear and sugarcoat things by saying, "I've been designing clothes since i was young" because i haven't. This Started as a hobby in 2007, then i turned it into a Dream, then i turned that dream into a reality. This line means a lot to me because, its like a child of mine. I've watched it grow and mature and its still progressing, so i feel like a proud parent.

What inspired you to do fashion?
I was really tired of seeing people with the same clothes. I was always one to want exclusive shirts that almost nobody had, So that was the birth of my brand. I wanted to be able to say; "hey, I designed that!"

What was the first piece you designed?
The first piece i design was the "bones and Bowties" tee, which is available on our online store atwww.teenagetrendsettazclothing.com. There were so many different versions of this design before i decided to go with the current.

Were there anyone that helped you with your line?
Yes! my Cousin Tamika Fryer has been a big part in this brand, she currently does Public Relations and marketing for the brand. I remember introducing the idea to her, she was down with it from the beginning. I also get major support from a ton of family members and friends.

What is your next project? How often do you design something new?
I really cant speak of that now, you'll just have to wait....lol. I literally design something new almost everyday, i probably have countless seasons of designs stored in my computer...lol.

Where and how do you get your inspirations for your designs?
Most of the inspiration just pops into my head, so i rush to get it in ink. But i read alot of menswear magazines, and i browse plenty of different clothing line's websites, just to see the competition and what i need to do to better the brand.

How did you learn to design and make your own line?
Learning to design my own brand was hard, there was plenty of trail and error. I went through tons of different design programs and methods(and shirts). I started with T-shirt transfer paper, just to see what people in school would think. I got nothing but good results, so i took it to the next level and started going with screenprinting. Soon i will be moving on to an even bigger step with cut and sewn items.

Contact Info:
Wayne Fryer
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