Paco Peregrín Photography

Paco Peregrín is the most well-known photographer, that you (us too, before we received very nice e-mail) probably did not know about. He won the Gold Lux award in 2008 in the ‘Fashion and Beauty’ category. His work is part of important artistic collections in the world of the image. His exhibitions are numerous in galleries and museums.a Spanish-born photographer with a keen eye for the, not… so ordinary. He currently works as an art director and photographer for some might, well known companies such as: Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Lee, Gant, Mazda, Toyota, Levi’s, EMI Music, Cosentino, Paramita, Carlsberg and much more. He has been featured on Glamour, Rolling Stone, Vision (China), Vanity Fair, Hint and much more.