They Say "Love Don't Come Easy"

One thing I know for sure is that EVERY relationship has problems, whether minor or major, we all have them. I also know that a lot of times when your the person on the outside are looking in on someone's relationship you can see all the flaws of what's around them and some might advise that you two should part ways and see other people, but alot of times couples respond "I love him/her." Whenever I hear this response I don't really argue with anyone because love, as William Shakespeare once said, is intangible, it is a madness that only the person in love can feel; and it's totally understandable, because love alters everything about how you act, think and function. A friend may see your love one as someone who's not for you and try to point out why, but to every negative they have, you have a a ton load of positives on why they're compatible for you.

I want to point this out though, because alot of people who respond "I love blah blah" dont realize that becasue they have a problem doesnt mean feelings have changed. I think alot of people need to stop and say to themselve "yes we have a problem, but that and our love are too different things that don't interfere. This situation has nothing to do with how much I love you." People run into problems and question their significant others love, or maybe they hurt you and you start questioning why are you two are together. Well wake up call! In order to love someone you have to be willing to get hurt, if you're not willing then it wont last long.

Love is a indescribably thing, and varies vastly, but joy and hurt go hand in hand with love. Let's face it, there WILL be times we let our love ones down, not once, not twice, but multiply times (sorry to say) but if you truly love someone as much as you claim and preach to that person and others, then a lot of problems, big or small, you will find yourself climbing over.

If you have problems that you cant conquer, that you cant work out then thats another post for another time, this post here is for people in relationships who have gone through fire hoops, fought bears, and sailed their ships in a storm successfully. For couples who will stand the test of time for those they love. For couples that truly know how to work problems out, overlook situations, and are open. For couples that change each other not by force but with compassion. For couples who at the end of the day regret nothing, and wouldn't change a thing; they're the ones who truly know what love is.

"love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." -elle