Featured: Kayla Bliss

I recently went to my dear friend Tekeyah's birthday party in the city and a song came on that caught my attention and everyone was singing it besides me, I was completely lost. Later on into the party her bestfriend Ms Kayla Bliss sang "Happy Birthday," and my jaw dropped, this girl's vocals are amazing. After everyone was grabbing they slice of birthday cake Tekeyah requested "Bass In Your Car" to play again and at least this time around I figured out the hook to sing along this time. As soon as I got home I had to ask Tekeyah "where can I download that song, I want it for my site!" she passed me Kayla's myspace link and I literally had that song on loop for the entire night lol.

So I defiantly recommend that you check out myspace.com/kaylabliss and check out some of her work and follow her on twitter BlissyCakes