It's Your Fault

I just wanted to point out how its really you to blame.

Before you, my whole attitude was "f**k it, easy comes easy goes," because of you, i can't think like that anymore. Before you my emotions weren't meant for people to know, because of you, I try as much as I can to let it flow out. Before you I thought I knew what love was, because of you, I established what the thin line between love and infatuation is. Before you I only gave as much as the other gave, because of you, I've given so much that at times i feel drained. Before this all happened I thought you were just going to be another homeboy, maybe just a fling. See your the reason I get so happy, anger, hyper, depressed, appreciative, and negative all at one time, love just has a way of driving to the edge of insanity but reminds you why you even risking being so dangerous close. You're the reason why I can't just shrug something off, as long as its linked to you its going to I can't say I don't care. You're the reason I don't ever make sense when I explain things, I never had to waste my breathe on how I felt about anything or to anyone. It's you're fault that I know any strong feeling I had for someone could have never been love, because I've never cared enough to hold on to someone through so much, or forgive someone so easily, and I surely had to much pride to look like a fool for anyone but you. I went back on my fathers words because of you, "never give your all to someone because when they're gone you'll have nothing," but even if I had everything I wanted, achieved every goal I set out to reach, that feeling of loneliness will be equal to the feeling of having nothing. I blame you for everything that we have, because your little slick ass just had something so deep in you that made me fall, and we both know it was a trap, the intentions weren't for us to end up loving each other, but we did, and it's all your fault.