I Never Called Myself The New King Of Pop

Kanye has taken to his blog to refute the rumors of his alleged rant calling himself the “New King of Pop” after Michael Jackson’s death. ‘Ye says that’s all 100% false. YBF purposely didn’t post the whole charade because it never sounded that believable in the first place and there was never a credible source attached. Kanye’s statement:

“I was just listening to Wendy Williams’ [radio show] and heard some quote about me saying I’m the new King of Pop,” he wrote. “Not only did I not say that, I haven’t said anything. It makes me feel bad that obviously I made people feel that I would be corny enough to say something so whack after the passing of an idol, a legend and, more than that, a human being with feelings and family.

“It scares me to think what people will believe, without even a source,” he continued. “Any random person can type something on the Internet and then the world believes it. I don’t talk to press or do TV or do promotions of any sort. I’ve stopped chasing and buying into fame. Fame is like cigarettes with no surgeon general warning. It destroys most people as it did to the true and only King of Pop. We exploit ourselves and eat our own egos ’till there is nothing left. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last false statement with my name on it, but this will be the last time I defend myself. I’m done.”

The comments he’s speaking about hit the net earlier this week and were pretty crazy. The rumors had him saying nobody could touch his album sales or talent and, therefore, it’s time for a new King of Pop to take the reigns and that he is deserving of it. But clearly Mr. West never said any of it. So there you have it.