Dont Stress 'Em

With all the social networks and millions of people interacting at one time relationships seem to have problems. Whether it is Facebook, Myspace, and the new bombing social networks. Twitter, couples always seem to undergo problems due to the things that's publicly posted. But this is deeper than the social networks, but my thought on it (social networks), don't look on your spouses social network, seriously. Its cool to have them on your Facebook or Myspace, don't look at they're wall or picture comments, and don't try peaking into their messages. As for twitter, don't follow them.

My father use to tell my mother "when I'm with you, I'm your man, but when I'm not with you I don't know what I am to you." You may think it's harsh, I think its real. When you're significant other is around they're your boyfriend/girlfriend, they're your love, they're yours; but when they're gone you don't know who they're claiming you as, or if they're even mentioning you.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I know this is a stressful thing (to those who go think of it) but honestly, what can you do? Nothing! As cheesy and worthless as that statement is, you can't do a thing. If they not claiming you, you can't force them to say it when your not present, you are not there duh lol. If they're cheating.... you can't do anything about that either.

And before you go and start harassing or questioning you're spouse, just remember nagging and accusing pushes people off they edge, as Keyshia Cole said "I shouldve cheated, as much as you accuse me of cheating," and God forbid that does happen, don't blame yourself either, they've cheated out of spite, so yes you might have been a pain in the ass, all you've done is run your mouth, not your goodies (and no that doesn't make you two even! lol).

It's all about trust. If you and your spouse trust each other then don't stress it, if you have your doubts, address them. And if you know that your spouse doubts you or doesn't believe you, have some sense and slow down or even better yet, hault the things thats building that doubt, because in the end if you're putting out something that makes them lose trust in you, then there is no one to blame but yourself. You can't chill or bag everything sexy thing that walks by, flirt with everything that smiles at you and expect for they're suppose to earn they're trust.

But back to the matter I'm addressing. If you're constantly worrying about what your other is doing, the best thing to do, first and foremost, is to address it. Open your mouth and talk it out, at least bring it to their attention so if they do acts against how you feel at least you know where they're respect level is for you. Because in my honest opinion if someone in your life, that you care for and allegedly cares for you, is doing something that doesn't sit right with you or even hurt you and they can't stop doing the harmful act, then they don't respect you, lets face it.

But there's many situations, some simple some complex, just remember what you deserve, you shouldn't have to demand or settle for anything, if you doing right its a given for you to have. Remember that there is no greater love than self, put yourself first, because in life sometimes the people who put you on this earth wouldn't put you first.

Another thing my dad taught me "never give anyone all your trust, not your husband, not me not your best friend, everything is 50/50" once again, you may say it's harsh, I say its real.

I'm just sayin.