Dea Fencing

So I fence for The City College of New York, I've had no prior fencing experience but as my coach says "I'm a BEAST." I love it! Im not fencing this year though, too strenuous with my schedule and school; I'm going to do boxing outside of my school on my own times, but I will go back to fencing Fall 2010. Its a real interesting sport, and not as easy as it seems. There's three positions, and I play Epee, which means unlike the other two Saber and Foil, I have the heaviest sword, my whole body is a target, and Epee matches are usually the longest. Fencers wear a full body outfit and each sword as a electric plug that hooks up to the sword, down the sleeve, out your back and connects to a floor piece, so when your sword hits, your light (either red or green depending on you positon) will light up. The only good part about Epee is that you can do double touches, Saber and Foil cant.

thats me on the left with the agassi's on!