The Cool Hunter’s In-Flight Love

The Cool Hunter is on a mission to try to make airplane rides cool again because it seems that flights are getting less tolerable as the days pass. TCH will be working diligently to make it fun to be on airplanes again. From the on-board entertainment, furnishings and decor, to exclusive on-board shopping… Wicked!

"Strangely, airlines and airplanes and air travel continue to still look pretty much the same, no matter which airline you fly. In fact, most of us would say that the in-flight experience is getting worse each day. Premium-class prices warrant a slightly more tolerable experience, but it is still tough to really tell one experience from the other.

An airplane is of course transportation, and not a hotel, spa or restaurant, but we have been waiting for a long time for the first airline that is willing to embark on true differentiation. Taking cues from cool architecture, leading-edge design and the vibes we see ahead of, and outside of, trends, The Coolhunter is now working on creating truly cool airline experiences, giving premium-class passengers a real reason to select one airline over another.

Absolutely everything— from the on-board entertainment, furnishings and decor, to exclusive on-board shopping — will be curated by TCH. Rather than being mundane, boring and almost same as all other airlines, the TCH-curated in-flight experience will be really something worth talking about. Each flight will be different, each experience more surprising and exquisite. Airlines who want to ad value to their inflight experience, can contact or" -The Cool Hunter