Cheating Myths

So I'm use to hearing ignorant people saying that if someone cheats it's because the kitty at home is wack or the pipe is wack, shut up right now please. A lot of people who say the previous statement are usually the people bumping uglies with the spouses, or they a hater who is trying to bump uglies.

1. When chicks cheat there's normally two reasons but in this day and age its three reasons
a. She inst getting attention
b. His pipe is unfulfillable or he's gotten lazy
c. She's a whore

It irritates me though when i hear girls say "if she was doing her job her man wouldn't be trying to f*** me" chicks who say this are dumb, lets point out some key words

"if she was doing her job her man wouldn't be trying to f*** me"

At the end of the he's going back to her bimbo! Have some respect for yourself and stop accepting being a side chick, you'll never progress to more, and its even more worse when he knows you know he has a girl and you still cool with fucking with him, he doesn't respect you! And if you're thinking in you head, "well it's not me it's him" then your pathetic, how'd you feel if a chick knew you existed and she was doing him, wouldn't you want her to have enough respect to put herself in your shoes?

[sidebar: too many people on this planet is selfish and only think about theirself]

To the ladies who cheat, and have a dude on the side, shame on you times infinity.

1. Homie doesn't respect you
2. Shame on you if you think something can grow from it
3. He's cool with being the dude on the side aka dude number two because he doesnt want to be your number one.
4. how can you try getting with the dude you cheating with?
5. Shame on you if you're doing this out of spite
6. You will get caught, you WILL. dudes talk more than chicks, and faster

1. Guys are dogs that go a stray
2. Dogs always return home
3. Dogs dont keep scarps around
4. Scratch that, guys are like "wolves" because dogs are loyal

Women think men don't love them because they cheat, that's not the case sweetie, honestly why guys cheat is way vaster then why women cheat. And let's face it, some guys are just scum; but a lot of times it could be due to one bad chick, females could take heart break and emotional issues way better than guys. But my home boy gave me a funny but true explanation to why dudes cheat (sometimes), he said:

"its like eating food. wifey is like Filet Mignon, its delicious and filling and good for you, but you cant have Filet Mignon every night, sometimes you want a sloppy joe"

And that exactly what the side chick is, a sloppy joe =]

But this isn't a reason to cheat. Dudes who are quick to cheat are always the ones to lose their mind when they girl cheat; did we not learn about karma? When you're not with your girl you'd want to know that she isn't doing you wrong or something you won't agree with, so why would you do what you don't want them to do? When they're not there, why can't you act like they are? In my honest opinion guys are the biggest hypocrites on earth. At the end of the day a lot of you guys got queens in your throne and lose them because you cant control your hormones.

Also, ladies! fellas! there is no such thing as "can we be friends," no matter how nice they appear to be. Even if its just to chill or hang out now and then. If they weren't your friend from before your relationship you shouldn't even know them. "Friends" lead to cheating, dead ass. People who say this don't respect or give a shit about what your relationship. They only looking out for themselves:

1. They want to smash
2. They want to be there for when your spouse messes up so they can G you to leave
3. They want your spouses place
4. It's a challenge/game/sport to them; they're amused by it
5. They're grimey individuals

Straight up, I'm sooooooooo against cheating, coming from someone who's been crushed by it and seen people on the brink of insanity due to it, stop and think about it; is it really worth the risk to ruining and losing what you have? And if what you have doesnt mean much to you why prolong hurting yourself and someone else, why not end it?

And don't let past experiences prevent you from future happiness, not every guy is the same, not every female is the same. Just be wise about who you trust and how they earn it, don't settle for someone when you know its not what you want or deserve, because after a while your brain is no longer in control of anything, your heart just takes over.

I'm just saying