Got Em Saying "KlasSik What You Talking Bout?"

Many people say "music is my life" but no one shows as much heart for it like KlasSik of BFG. Everyday that goes by he just keeps reaching higher levels in his passion. His "Make It Clap" video on youtube which has over a million views was recently used for a MTV show "DJ & The Fro." He has just finished a song with FUMG artist Ricky Blaze "Shorty Bad," and his recent "You're a Jerk Remix" is playing in radio stations in LA, HEAVY! He's in the process of completely his next mixtape "Free Crib: Mansion Edition." His flow is too official, he could speed it up, or slow down, but whatever beat he gets on his voice and lyrics just catches you and you have no choice but to put the song on loop. His lyrics are open minded and even as I write this people are quote him already, or constantly singing the hooks on his songs; i even read on someone's twitter that their mother came in their room singing the hook to his recent song "Bronx Got Plenty Money" ft Kennie Dubb and Taz Mula. Oh and did I mention aside from working hard on beats, building his own studio, coming together with different artist for collaborations, writing music that appeals to different groups of listeners, that he also does videos? This kid is really doing his thing. So take a look at the preview for "Bronx Got Plenty Money" and download his recent songs


On the set of "You're A Jerk" video shoot