“Do the Right Thing” Know How To Dress!

Damn. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years since Shelton “Spike” Lee followed up his collegiate musical School Daze with the fire-starting, incendiary (at times), epochal classic Do The Right Thing. (The milestone is commemorated with a new 20th-Anniversary DVD edition, out now.)

Even if you haven’t seen Do The Right Thing (and we really hope you have), you were somehow influenced by the style that emanated from it. Whether it was the necklaces and charms, the T-shirts and jerseys, the way you wore your hat, or the way you rocked and cleaned your Jordans, Spike showed you how to do it, son. It’s for that reason we’re paying homage to Lee’s masterpiece with a guide on how to dress like your favorite character, from Spike Lee’s deliveryman Mookie to Bill Nunn’s Radio Raheem. Read on below to see how you can embody the style of yesterday, today. And, no you won’t look like a Retro Kid. We promise.

1. Brooklyn Dodge 1955 Jersey $250
2. Nikon The Dictator Watch $130
3. UniQlo Washed Chino Shorts $30
4. Nike Air Jordan 1-High Retro $140
5. Happy Socks Red OC08=007 $110

1. LRG V-Neck T Shirt $34
2. Insight Tribral Broadshorts $55
3. Moscot Miltzen Eyeglasses $179
4. IPath African Necklace $16
5. Air Jordan Spiz'ikes $200-220

1. Durkl Snake Fitted Cap $46
2. Mosley Tribes Brown Sunglasses $180
3. WESC OBOE Earphones $55
4. Rugby Hawaiian Poplin Shirt $60
5. Modern Amusment Boardie Shorts $82
6. ALife Everybody Sneakers $125

1. Adidas NBA Player Tee $25
2. RVCA Chevy Remix Denim Shorts $50
3. American Apparel Solid Socks $10
4. Nike Cortez Fly Motion Sneakers $82
5. Puma Duo Loop Bike $1400

1. Altru Ghandi Shirt $18
2. Obey The Kill Time Shorts $60
3. Ti$a Hood/Love Rings $220
4. Reebox Ultra Mid Sneakers $63