Chris Brown OOPS

LMAO! I don't know why he got it, and I don't wanna spread any rumors/lies so just take a look lol.

Chris Brown stunned onlookers with a giant pendant that spelled out the word “OOPS!” in diamonds after the Sean Combs “Malaria No More” White Party. We’re told by the folks who work with the jeweler’s company that Chris wanted something unapologetic ally bold.

“Chris has been a client of mine for some time now”, says Jason. “It’s always a pleasure to work him because it gives me a chance to be creative. He came to me with a great idea and I am very pleased with the finished product”.

Someone said that the chain was about $300,000 and took like 218 hours to complete with a ridiculous amount of diamonds, sapphires, and other jewels all in it. T-Pain is somewhere extra pissy right now…