Rules For Women by Cells & Things

So as i was reading through blogs and what not I came across this blog by Cells And Things called"Rules For Women" and i agree with her 100%

Rules for Women
1. Men are visual--Ladies lets not get comfortable.. he met you looking a certain way
2. They love attention--make them feel special
3. Men have low self-esteem--let them know you are there for them and not the material items
4. They want to be in control--ladies let them feel like they are in control,it is ok
5. Men really can't handle i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t woman so let them feel like we need them( we don't really)
6.Men that don't measure up to your stats list--ladies they don't change they just get worse
7. Women we must start respecting ourselves before we can demand respect--we already know if we want him or not...lets take it slow lol