Rihanna Wants Pay Back

Rihanna might be leaking the nude pictures she has of Chris Brown.

Rihanna plans to leak Chris Brown’s nude pictures following her naked images which have been spread in Internet earlier this month. Although her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend denied leaking the photos, the “Umbrella” songstress doesn’t seem to ignore it and is threatening to reveal Chris’ uncovered snaps in revenge.

“She says she’s going to release her own photos of Chris. She has less-than-flattering nude pics of him that she plans on leaking. Rihanna says he’ll be really embarrassed,” Rihanna’s pal said. The source informed that Rihanna sets this plan once after she has calmed down from the rage after the leak of her nude photos.

Not only pictures, Rihanna also reportedly plans to reveal Chris’ sexual performance to make him ashamed. Rihanna is already telling friends that Chris was a clumsy novice at lovemaking until “she taught him everything he knows.” The pal added, “She’s going to ruin his sexy image.”

Moreover, Rihanna is believed saying more scary threat as her early reaction when finding out her nude images plastered all over the Internet. “She was saying crazy things like, ‘I’m going to burn down his house,” a friend of the 21-year-old singer told the June 7 edition of Star magazine.

its a damn shame how such sweet things can turn sour..