Jay-Z Reveals Why He Wrote D.O.A.

So like me and Jigga think alike cause the reason he wanted to wrote the song is the same reason I said "autotune must die" BROOKLYN!

In a recent radio interview, Jay-Z revealed why he wrote D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune) and also talks a little about his future plans.

Jay-Z spoke to Chicago radio station WGCI on a number of issues, both personal and professional. The rap icon, .who’s tour with R&B singer Ciara lands in Chicago July 7, recently released the single “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)” to promote his upcoming album, “The Blueprint 3.”

Jay revealed the inspiration behind the song, saying that once he saw a Wendy’s commercial using auto-tune it became too much.

“When a trend becomes a gimmick it’s time to move on from that,” Jay-Z said.

Hov also spoke on his wife, Beyonce, saying the two have no plans in the immediate future to expand their family, and that they will continue to tour.

“We got to keep it movin,” Jay said. “Got bills to pay.”

I’m not mad at Jay. The auto-tune thing was hot when T-pain introduced it years ago but it’s so overdone now!!!