So i came across this performance of "Hello" by Beyonce and it's my favorite song off her "I Am..." albums, this is the ringtone for my special someone =]. I love this song because of the words and the way Beyonce delivered it; and performance made me love and feel it more. Whenever the third verse comes on I feel like tearing up lol, because the words and her voice together are so powerful, you can tell that this guy really captured her heart from the jump and not a damn thing has changed when it comes to how she feel about him, he's all she wanted, and she wants nothing more to let him know he means more than he thinks, and it has always been and will always be that way. Its just so deep to me, I will forever remember him when I hear this song. Enjoy.

"you shout to my soul, you're my fire when I'm cold, I want you to know, you had me at hello"

sidebar: id love to go to a Beyonce concert lol