In a city that never sleeps because of the hustle, bussle, and crazy nightlife one girl finds time to rest at night, the only one in the city whose imagination allowed dreams to invade. Everyone was envious of her visions, so stressed from their day to day they found peace in hers. It got to the point that many would stared through her window and watch each dream cloud. But one night she didnt sleep, she was awake smiling, there wasn't anything to watch, so they left for the night. Next night they came back and still she stood awake. For weeks there wasnt anything to see, until one night someone asked her if she's ok, and she replied,

"I'm more than ok. In past dreams I had many adventures and challenges. One nights dream I climbed a mountain, and just as I was about to give up, a guy came and pulled me up and disappeared, until my next dream where I didnt see him but I heard him and that's all it took for him to enter futher into my dreams. By the fifth dream I was with him every other dream. Soon we admitted our feelings and others envied even more than you all envied me. They tried climbing the mountain we stood on but by the time they reached the top, we asended to the clouds and built a home envied by the Gods. We built a family so gorgeous and wise they were envied by angels and scholars. But dreams are short and very limited, but understand that a love whose time was limited found time to spark a flaming passion equivalnt to 40 suns."

As she finished her statements the people of the city was inspired to stop go home and dream. Just hearing her dreams planted a seed in their mind to grow into much more. But even though many of them tried they couldnt match hers, and they could never again see hers. Her dreams were much more than illusions, they were the reality of her heart, not mind, projected; nothing more than promises that came to be. And with every night that she didnt sleep the people of the city could no longer see the beauty of her dreams, the zeal in her thoughts, the joy in her imagination. No one but the two could understand that their love is too much to witness or to understandd by anyone, just enough to be wished for. Their love is just too unexplainable to unbelieveable to unpredictable that all one can do is dream.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr Seuss