Eternal Victim

we all know someone who plays victim. someone who knows how to get the emotion or attention they want from someone. whether it be crying, throwing things in your face, or just any desperate maneuver that at the end doesn't allow you to be mad at them or get them to not be mad at you. or maybe they play victim because they are the ones who are really in the wrong and are desperatly pulling every trick possible to get back what they messed up, ruined, or lost. in all honesty it sickens me when people deal out the pity or sympathy card. with everything ive seen, heard, or be part of i could give two shits (excuse my langusge). dont get me wrong i do believe in sympathy for others, but sometimes it just gets old. as a human being you either sit in shit and mope around or clean yourself and continue on with your life. as a human being you either hold on to pain and hurt to the point you can't sleep at night or you learn to let go. as a human being you either cry over yesterday or work hard on the present to smile tomorrow. people sometimes confuse my strength as bitchy behavior, heartless character or non chalent demeanor, but in all actuality i rather stand up for what is right than cater to the wrong and defend it by lowering myself, i rather smile through a million whip lashing than let anyone see me fold, i rather act like someone i loved with all my heart never existed than to let memories of them linger around and allow more pain in my days. to the eternals victims who just can't seem to face reality i don't feel sorry for you, and i hope that one day you can see that life does go on, that sometimes you lose what you cant get back, that you gain strength through your trials and tribulations, that you find happiness.