Ugh Im Pathetic

see you have to fuck a nigga the first night ya’ll chill, or at least blow him off. and he wont proclaim your his girl or put you on his top until you do. you have to travel miles away to see him [about 15 times] before he walks with you to the deli on the corner. you have to argue with him about the bitches who call his phone even though your not his girl. he has to ignore your 5 calls during the day, and your going to get mad, but at 12 o clock at night when he calls you back, pretty much after he’s done chilling with the next chick he invites you over, and of course you have to go see him. you have to leave immediatly after he hits. you have to buy him something but he’ll wont offer to buy you anything, and you have to front cuz u got money...yeh ok. see this is what must be done for you to have a nigga. this is also the reason why i dont have one. i rather make him wait a eternity and get him fed up to the point where he leaves, rather than i become a fiend out bird who never gets a call back. i rather talk to a new nigga everyweek than stick one that’ll never acknowledge me. im sorry if i dont question him on the chicks he’s talking to on the phone or chilling with, because real chicks like me are to confident to worry about the next girl, they arent on my level. i wont mop all day because he aint call me back, i’ll give him an hour and i’ll never call him back, besides my next boo been fiend out for me to hit his jack. i cant chill in a nigga crib all the time. i refuse to be just seen as having a body and cute face and thick hair for you to be grabbing under the sheets. see im so pathetic, because i refuse to degard myself to have someone to call mine.

[old blog from my myspace]