Nude Prancer

So um there's something about vh1 that makes women have plastic surgery, boobs jobs, and just.... ho-ism, but damn, prancer????

"Note that she is indeed flossing new chi-chis, but that this does not necessarily constitute an I Love Money 2 spoiler. On the first episode, she did say that if she won the show, she’d throw a new pair of breasts on. However, the winner doesn’t typically get the prize money until after the show has finished airing. When we asked Prancer why she didn’t wait until the I Love Money 2 reunion for the big reveal, she told us that her new breasts are “just way too fabulous to hide for another month lol.”

Also, in a new interview, Prancer revealed big plans for her bigger boobs: “I got my boobs now so I’m also gonna try and be the biggest sex symbol since Janet hahhaaha. This ‘turtlefaced bitch’ gotta make up for a lot of missed time so I’m gonna finally try my hand at some of this sexy stuff all the other ‘reality hoes’ do apparently there’s some good money that comes with it that I’ve been missing out on.” -Quoted from VH1