I was randomly going through old notes and things i wrote on my laptop and i found this, its nothing big but i thought it was cute so i decided to post it, i wrote this december 09, 2008.

ok so theres this guy who means the world to me and who is the only guy i wanna see myself with, he's indescribably unforgettable, fantastically amazing, he makes me feel ontop of the world, and at the bottom of a shoe when we dont speak. its gotten to the point where im dropping my wall and my defensiveness and i just want him to know desselyn, fuck this dea bitch, not trynna sound like a split-so, but dea is that bad lookin nigga mentality chick, where desselyn is just this shy broken quiet sweet as can be chick. no dude can come close to him, he's my rolls royce. i have so much love for this boy and im disappointed ive held it back from him, he makes my days bearable, i love when he picks on me, when he lets me beat on him (even though he'd probably toss me), my heart melted when he put our picture up, man o man, its like i have so much to say that my words can not come out straight or be organized, but yeh

so theres this guy
no guy comes close to
only dude who mkaes me smile
only guy i care for
and ive been hurt
way too many times
it got to the point where
my friends make bets on the guys i meet
because id get bored in 3-7 days (dead ass)
but he's different
its been 3 months
spent majority of my days with him
and i cant front
not being or speakin to him hurts
i just hopes he knows
that im not out to hurt him
i want nothing more to be and add to his happiness...