Fireworks on The 4th of July

I wrote this last summer. I got the idea to write this after watching fireworks on the fourth of July, so i guess that's what I'll call it, because it is untitled.

It was beautiful. So many colors, shapes, expanded its luminous colors that could be seen on every peak. And as I stood on that rooftop the fireworks reminded me of dreams and goals. How many people have stood on top a roof and saw their dream glowing in the distance, so far from reach. That night i had a beautiful moment paved in my mind something I fantasized earlier in the day but whats a fantasy? Nothing more than a high expectation dream, something so unbelievable beautiful it'll be to miraculous to believe if face with. But mines is unbelievable, beautiful, amazing, breathe taking, and momentous. That's what it is, but by tonight it will be reality and envied amongst those hanging on their last dreams and amongst angels mounted, falling, or fallen.... or so i thought. No, it's nothing more than another dream watched afar from a roof top.

he was right "I cant have everything i want" but it hurts... not "not getting" what I want but getting the little worthless, materialistic, frivolous things and not getting the sentimental, heartwarming, soul pleasing, and long anticipated things. Just my luck..right?