The Problem Is

"the problem is, you dudes treat the one that you loving with the same respect that you treat the one that you humping"

Random Thoughts [negative, so dont be offended].

"No guy can be trusted, only dealt with" is something my good ol' dr.phil friend told me.

The way I see a man is like this. If he was rich and could buy me the world but fucked every chick on in the world, i wouldnt be happy, i can have everything i want, but it wouldn't make me feel better, I rather he trick them hoes and share himself only with me and i pay for my own, he could buy each one a house and I wouldnt care, but it'll kill me that something someone so special to me is being spilt amongst other chicks. What vaule do I have if what you giving me everyone gets?

Dudes can have a stock loads of chicks, whether they fuck em or they're a friend, but if push come to shove 98% of those chicks wont have your back for shit, they wouldnt even give a shit.

Girls need to face THIS truth, "no girl wants to hear the truth", they want to be lied to. No chick wants to hear "babe im chilling with this chick" and etc.

Its all fun and games until someone does to you what you did to them

Guys should know there is a difference in being honest and being real. Being real is knowing fucking the next chick is wrong and understanding the risk and chances, being honest admiting you fucked the chick. Majority of niggaz aint real, cause when they do it they dont care, its only about they nut and how they feel, fuck how the so called main chick feels.

Ladies, niggaz are going to do them regardless of how a bitch feel.

Guys need to understand, theres a difference between being number one and being the only one. Fellas need to know even if they chick isnt the only one, it is your duty to at least make her feel like she is the only one, if she is your number one she is suppose to have the knowledge that "im number one, cuz im the only one".

What you dont do for her, she'll find someone who will...QUICK!

"I has just fucking them girls, I was gone right back..." -Jay-Z. Tell me, if you have someone that means so much, or holds weight in any positive way, why risk it with someone who isnt even going to be around long?

Niggaz say "dont believe her when she say he just a friend", well ladies dont believe him when he says "she's just a friend"

idk im just venting.