Ladies Be Serious

As a female I feel it is my duty to keep it real with the other females whose mentallity isnt on point. To the females who constant rave and chat about "My man got a car, my man got a job, my man got madd money, my man stay fresh" how does that make you look good. Obviously he's the one whose benefiting since he's living good. Ladies be serious and stop, cause dudes r just saying "My gril look good, my girls body fly, my girl sex is great, my girls toes is right [lol]. Dudes dont really look at girls for material things, but why do we [including myself] look at guys for they're material worth. If you strip down alot of these guys and just have plain ol them, they're not cute or fortunate enuff to have you. Change the convo ladies, i wanna hear "My man's genuine, my man respects me, my man look out for me, my mans my hero, my man is a provider, my man is my partner in life" this way we can hear the fellas say "My girl loves me, my girl makes me feel needed, my girl makes me feel strong, my girl is intelligent, my girl is a true women."

Never accept love if you cant give yourself in return. Never start a relationship you know you'll want to end eventually. Don't go for looks, it can deceive; Dont go for wealth - even that fades away.

[old blog from my myspace]