Dea of Bk

My name is none of your business but everyone calls me Dea. Im a Brooklyn girl trapped in the Bronx now, but i love both boroughs. I do graphics and photography, love fashion and food, and i'm always interested in random things. I'm a college student at city college and I fence. I'm very blunt and rude but in in a sweet way so i get away with alot. Im pretty hard to forget, I may be sort of quiet at times but i always leave a mark. I'm also the asshole who does majority of the dumb things she thinks off. I am VERY optimistic, always positive and thinking of more possiblites. I am very dedicated to visual art and things that catch attention. I will have a Graphic/Photography company, or a Tattoo Parlor and a clothing line, I want alot so i have to do more, and i guarntee you will see my creations worldwide one day. Aight I'm done babbling, lata.