Beyonce on Ebony

My dime ass role model got married last year on April 4th, my birthday, and now this year for April she's on the cover of Ebony looking oh so sexy, she looks like she trying to re-live her foxy Cleopatra days from Austin Powers. She has also given a brief interview to the magazine. Here is the highlight of the interview for you.

On who is the real Beyonce:

“I’m a daughter, I’m a friend, I’m a wife, I’m a sister. All those things first. I’m artist. I’m a businesswoman. I’m multifaceted. I’m a lover. I’m inspired by love. I make decisions from the heart.”

On decisions about what projects to do, her priority is not money but personal growth:

“I turn down million dollar offers all the time because it’s something that does not feel true for what I’m trying to say. I have to be passionate about it. Love inspires and growth inspires me…If it is not going to be iconic, something I can love 10 years from now, I’ve learned I should not waste my time with it.”

On Her and Jay-Z business dealings:

“He was very successful before I met him and I was very successful before I met him. So we have so much respect for each other, and respect for each other artistically. We are very close friends, and I believe he is the ultimate artist and he has the same feelings for me.”

On being asked to describe herself as a wife:

“I don’t know how to talk about it because I don’t like to talk about it. But I have a great example of a great wife, and that’s my mother. And I have great friends around me that have been married, so I’m lucky to have really good examples. And a great husband.”

On how Messy she can get at times:

“I’m a little messy. Oh, yeah. Whenever I’m out in public, I have to be put together. When I get home, I rebel against it and I don’t want to take care of anything. I drop it. I’m relaxed. I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My purse is in the kitchen. I think that is most difficult thing for him. He’s very, very organized. I’m extremely organized when I’m working, and I work so much that when I get home I don’t want to think about anything.”

On Retiring:

“I’ve worked so hard on my craft, and I will never stop. I will never retire. I love it way too much.”